Academic Advising

Academic Advisers

Upon enrollment, you are assigned an academic adviser. During your time at CALIMT, if you ever have difficulty with academic progress or meeting graduation requirements, your academic adviser can help you reach your goals.

Your academic adviser can help you:

  • Understand the curriculum and policies.
  • By providing information about resources available to you.
  • By monitoring your academic and degree completion progress.

If you are currently enrolled and need to speak with an academic adviser, please email with your full name and username along with your message or call 949-872-2224 to set up an appointment.


Our professors are professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields and are here to guide you throughout each course. To help students on an individual level, professors may communicate via email or phone to help you achieve your goals within the course and are always available to discuss your progress. To maximize your learning experience, CALIMT encourages you to connect with your professors even when there is no problem.

Your professor will:

  • Participate in online discussions (one-on-one contact).
  • Grade and provide individual feedback on assignments.
  • Encourage and provide advice to maximize learning and class progress.
  • Provide support with any academic difficulties.

Students may contact their professors by email, phone, or through the online discussion forums within each course. Additionally, professors announce their office hours at the start of each course.